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Clean Dishes By Your Next Meal.


Clean dishes, glasses and silverware


Don't buy à la carte – Get the combo!
A budget-friendly choice...

Not sure how much detergent or rinse additive is going into your dish machine?
Tired of repair costs?

Choose Brewster Products and we will provide you with a program specific to your needs, combining a dish machine of your choosing AND the detergent system to go with it for ONE LOW PRICE.

We have devised a system that is more affordable by using a FIXED RATE which PREVENTS your chemical provider from increasing or adjusting your chemical costs!

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Family Owned & Operated for Over 40 Years . . .Your success = Our success!

Highest Quality Dish Machines & Cleaning Products at Affordable Prices . . . Superior results without breaking the bank.

7-Days-A-Week Emergency Service . . . When you need us, we're there for you!

Routine Maintenance to Prevent Downtime . . . We keep you running smoothly.

Our Technical Assistance & Product Distribution Are Not Outsourced . . . Keep it simple by dealing with one company.

Reduced Waste & Cost by Maintaining & Logging a Par System for Your Inventory
. . . A second set of eyes on your bottom line!